How can you Share Your Heart

We have found that our communities at large are in need of assistance and resources that Share Your Heart, in collaboration with our partners, and YOU  can help meet the needs. Together we are better able to assist by providing hope in sharing our hearts.


Victory for Youth has adopted three children hubs inside the Department of Children and Family (DCF) Centers and one hub at the Coordinated Victims Assistance/Human Trafficking Center.

The DCF hubs are the centers where children ages infant to eighteen years old are taken when an investigation is underway. Each hub approximately has a turnaround of 25-45 children and family members each day brought from police, detectives and DCF investigators from incidents that require the children to be taken care of until the investigation is complete. 
During the investigation process there is a need for supplies, such as food, clothing,  water, formula, diapers, baby wipes, sanitation supplies, toys, books, computers etc, as these children are taken and brought to the hubs usually not in favorable conditions and with great urgent basic needs. We also found ourselves receiving families with economic problems, no food and no shelter, asking for emergency assistance.

Victory For Youth/Share Your Heart and DCF empathizes with the children as they are already going through difficult circumstances that they really do not understand and should not have to, and so we would like for their stay at the hub, while the adults are being interviewed, to be safe, comfortable, warm, loving and childlike. We are  committed to promoting an environment that will make their brief stay at the waiting hub a positive, caring and loving experience.

At the Coordinated Victims Assistance Center (CVAC), we provide food, clothing, spiritual and emotion support to the victims of domestic violence and human trafficking at our Boutique.  The Boutique is a warm and peaceful place where the victims can come and feel empowered and loved.  At the Boutique they can “shop” for clothing for themselves and their children at no cost.  They are also provided with basic needs such as diapers, toiletries etc.  This  is also provided at no cost.  That is why your donations and financial are so important.

On behalf of Share Your Heart, we are respectfully requesting your help in assisting Share Your Heart with a donation and year round support of the  four hubs that we have adopted. You can also help as a community service volunteer.

The items needed for the four hubs are:

Monetary Donations by clicking our donate button at our website or by visiting our Home Office at the Coordinate Assistance Center/Human Trafficking Center which is our Home Office.

Adult “gently used” or new clothing
Children “gently used” or new clothing
Infant diapers
Non-perishable food
Baby formula
Educational games
Toddler diapers
High chairs
Coloring books/crayons

Your consideration to our request is greatly appreciated.
You can contact us at 786-362-5870 / e-mail us at  info@SHAREYOURHEART.US
Drop your donations @ 2400 South Dixie Highway, Miami FL 33133

TOGETHER we can make a greater difference.


The Share Your Heart Team